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Fire Fighting Services

A full range of fire and safety solutions

Fire Fighting Services

top fire watch security company

Offering nationwide fire watch services and in most cases can have a guard at your location in under 4 hours. Our licensed fire watch officers are specially trained and experienced in providing emergency fire watch to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or are having problems with their current fire alarm system

Don’t let tragedy happen! In today’s day and age, different situations require forward thinking solutions.

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PSF provides certified safety services, including fire prevention, first aid, evacuation assistance, and emergency planning adapted to each industry.

Standardized solution

Our specialized security officers perform a variety of safety services in addition to guarding, and our safety services include different categories of fire prevention and medical aid. Fire detection alarm systems can be installed to detect a fire source and modern extinguishing technology can be used to minimize damage.

Trained response teams

Our fire and safety teams are trained on a regular basis in accordance with local safety regulations and standards. We can also deliver on-site or virtual reality training sessions to our clients’ safety teams to enhance their skills.

Business continuity

A fire risk assessment will provide an understanding of the fire risk and help select the proper safety services to minimize any business interruption. We also help businesses to tailor contingency plans to be compliant with legal requirements.

Pioneer Security Force are licensed to work in residential buildings and commercial facilities, hotels and motels in accordance with local requirements. Security India® PSF duties include the following, among others:
  • Notifying building occupants in the event of fire
  • Facilitating the evacuation of the building in an emergency
  • Coordinating contact with the fire department during fire safety operations with detailed information on location of fire, evacuation and problems with equipment, if any.
  • Maintenance and implementation of the fire safety plan
  • Supervision and training of fire brigade, floor wardens, deputy floor wardens and building evacuation supervisors
  • Conducting fire safety drills as required
  • Maintaining records as required by law