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Electronic Security solutions

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Electronic Security services

Remote Monitoring and Alarm Response

As a reliable security company, we only procure and install proven integrated security systems. We can provide you with both alarm response and key holding services. We securely manage keys to your premises whilst our highly-trained security officers will respond to any alarms that are raised.

Our systems are designed and installed to ensure compliance with current legal/insurance regulations and ultimately provide you with peace of mind. We also have full monitoring capability for security cameras, as part of our complete service.

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Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) are standardized, cost-effective and remotely based video surveillance services combining specially trained security officers with innovative technology.

Standardized solution

We offer a corporate standardized solution for video surveillance (CCTV). This enables us to deliver video surveillance as a standard component in our integrated security solutions. This allows us to prevent incidents, optimize security officers’ time, deliver cost-effective technology and ensure our solutions comply with cyber security and data privacy laws and regulations.

Discover the different layers of our remote video solutions

RVS View

Turns your current CCTV system into a more responsive and effective security installation by connecting with the Operation Center for monitoring and delivery of remote services


An advanced video surveillance solution which provides clients with access to the full range of remote services and includes new camera hardware, maintenance, and monitoring


Fully integrated solution tailored for clients with stringent security needs. It is compatible with a wide range of camera models managed on a Video Management Platform.

Live video surveillance

Our remote security surveillance services use live video with audio notification to provide a safe environment as employees and visitors arrive and leave client’s premises.
In other situations, PSF can monitor visitors who have access and follow their progress throughout the building.

Remote Alarm surveillance

Remote alarm verification minimizes the time-to-action when an incident occurs. Regardless of whether you are experiencing a potential break-in, a perimeter intrusion or fire, our operators use live video to analyze the situation as it happens and to prevent or minimize the damage.

Operators using live video feeds

Usually, the monitoring center’s first response to an alarm is to dispatch security officers to the scene, since the operators are unable to see what is happening and assess the incident themselves. With remote alarm verification, a live video feed puts the operators on the scene instantly.

With an ongoing incident, the operators can intervene, for instance via loudspeaker messages or by using lights on the scene to prevent damage from occurring. Security officers can be dispatched simultaneously, and the authorities notified. While the officers and authorities are on their way, operators can give them critical real-time updates as the situation unfolds.

Increased situation awareness
The live video feed enables the operators to identify the situations where it is necessary to act. This allows them to avoid unnecessary dispatches by handling the alarms remotely and leads to a reduced number of call-outs and optimized use of resources.